Kings Two Dental is a supplier of dental equipment, merchandise and service, based in the City of Industry, L.A. County, California. Since its founding in 1992, the company goal has been to offer products, equipment and services that assist practices to achieve greater efficiency, improve their profitability and enable them to deliver the best possible dental care to their patients. Fostering and maintaining outstanding relationships is vital to Kings and to the continued success of the company and the practices we serve. Kings continuously strives to offer dentist the latest in industry-leading products and technologies.


Client Base – Over 6000 practices (growing at a consistent rate)

Kings Two is #1 in quality products and services at an affordable price and has a client base that reaches over the majority of California, and then into Nevada, Arizona and still growing every day. We are continuing to grow at a substantial rate by staying in touch with serious and successful dental professionals online and face-to-face, expanding our business opportunities and accelerating our visibility with dentist nationwide by networking. And nothing can grow relationships and business faster than networking and excellent service.

Our Team

  • •  A team of field sales consultants that are dedicated to providing excellent service to their doctors
  • •  Highly knowledge customer service department (many have a background in dental assisting)
  • •  Trained repair technicians that deliver personalized, local service and in house repairs
  • •  Equipment specialist that offer free consultations to suggest and advise dentist on their equipment options that will be     
  •    patient & doctor friendly, cost effective and meet all their needs.
  •    (Complete office design available for start-up practices and office expansions)
  • •  Delivery crew that is professional and friendly.
  • •  A highly effective Business Support Staff to handle practice accounting needs

Brief view of products, equipment & services

  • •  Full range of high quality consumables and merchandise
  • •  Most competitive prices in the dental industry with


                Air Abrasion Systems                                       Hand pieces

            Air Compressors & Vacuum Systems            High-Speed Curing Lights

            Cabinetry                                                             Lasers         

            Camera Systems                                               Lights

            Chairs                                                                 Nitrous Oxide Systems

            Communication Systems                               Sterilizers

            Delivery Systems                                             Stools

            Digital Radiography                                         X-rays

            Film Processors                                              and much more……

  • •  Equipment installation (Planning is everything!)
  • •  Maintenance and Full Service Repair (Down time is lost patient time and revenue)
  • •  Handpiece Repair (Most Major Brands)
  • •  Small Equipment Repair (Cavitrons, Curing Lights, Ultrasonics, ETC)
  • •  Field Sales Consultants (Let us come to you!)
  • •  100% Financing (We partner with people that can help you achieve your dream practice)
  • •  Fully Equipped Showrooms (Pictures can always tell you everything)